6-24 Motion Base

Post image for 6-24 Motion Base

The 6-24 Motion Base has a capacity of 12000lbs.  It arrives as a truck load nearly assembled, the setup is very quick.  It is the perfect choice for small helicopters, small planes, cars, vans, and Santa’s Sleigh.


  • Ideally it will take the operator and a fellow effects technician one day to make the system operational in the production facility.  The location of the base, HPU, availability of electricity etc. will affect the setup time.
  • Delivered by a crane truck, a 5000lb forklift (min) will be necessary to unload and position the equipment.
  • The pump is 50 hp requiring sufficient 208 VAC 3 Phase (cam locks).
  • 120’ of hydraulic hose is available to run from the HPU to the motion base.
  • The base will repeat moves via Concept Overdrive, Flair and Kuper software.  Moves may be run live and recorded through a Waldo, designed and repeated via keyframes or VFX Maya models.

Please contact for more information.