6-36 Motion Base

Post image for 6-36 Motion Base

The 6-36 base has a capacity of 16,000 lbs in nearly any configuration, 18 ~ 20000lbs with a fairly centered load/smaller overhangs.

  • Dimensions, CAD drawings, Solidworks models of the 6-36 are available.
  • The base will repeat moves via Concept Overdrive, Flair and Kuper software.  Moves may be run live and recorded through a Waldo, designed and repeated via keyframes or VFX Maya models.
  •  The unit is available for pickup in a 20′ sea container or as pallets on a truck load.
  • In an ideal situation the 6-36 base takes 2 days to assemble and test once delivered to the stage, 2 fellow effects technicians will be needed to assist the assembly/takedown.
  • Skytrack and forklift are required to assemble and disassemble.
  • The Hydraulic Power Unit is 100 HP at 460 VAC 3 Phase. There is a step up transformer to use with 208 VAC 3 Phase, this will use an entire 400 AMP circuit.

Please contact for more information.